Before getting into Bollywood Upcoming Movies List [2018 – 2021], let know some facts about the Bollywood industry. This name ‘Bollywood’ represents India’s Hindi language film industry. In India, Films are made in various other languages and each language’s industry carries its own name, such as:

  1. ‘Tollywood’ represents the Telugu & west Bengal language films.
  2. ‘Pollywood’ describes the Punjabi language films.
  3. ‘Chhollywood’ represents the Chhattisgarhi language films.
  4. ‘Kollywood’ uses to refer to the Tamil language films.
  5. ‘Mollywood’ leads to Malayalam
  6. ‘Sandalwood’ refers to Kannada.
  7. ‘Jollywood’ refers the Jharkhand state films.
  8. ‘Dhollywood’ indicates to the Gujarati Language films. And more.

Bollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the world cinema. More than 1500 movies released in India every year in various languages and various regions (Punjab, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengal, Etc), besides less than 500 films made by Hollywood yearly.

However, in Bollywood (Hindi), the number is around 100. Yes! every year 100 of movies released in Bollywood in the Hindi language. Some movies did well in the box office, some get critically acclaimed, some get failed to collect investments. However, Bollywood cinema took his place in the world cinema. Not only India, Hindi films collect unthinkable money in overseas. Check out the latest Bollywood box office collection.

‘Friday’ Fact

The release of films in Bollywood follows the American (Hollywood) style. All Films are released on Friday so that people can watch the film with their family during the weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and films can collect good money in the opening days and weekends.

Bollywood Upcoming Movies List

Bollywood Movies Calendar 2018.
Bollywood Movies Calendar 2019.
Bollywood Movies Calendar 2020.
Bollywood Movies Calendar 2021.

This is the Bollywood Upcoming Movies List [2018 – 2021] with some more important details as declared by their makers. Release dates may change because it’s up to the makers of the film.

Disclaimer: This calendar shows Bollywood Upcoming Movies List [2018 – 2021] with the release date and details as declared by their makers. Release dates may change because it’s up to the makers of the film.


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