Indian Celebrities Birthday Calendar

Before getting into the Indian Celebrities Birthday Calendar, let know somethings about the Indian film industry. This name ‘Bollywood’ represent India’s Hindi language film industry. In India, Films are made in various languages and each language’s industry carries its own name, for example ‘Tollywood’ represents the Telugu & west Bengal language films, ‘Pollywood’ describes the Punjabi language films, ‘Chhollywood’ represents the Chhattisgarhi language films,’Kollywood’ uses to refer to the Tamil language films,’Mollywood’ leads to Malayalam’Sandalwood’ refers to Kannada, ‘Jollywood’ refers the Jharkhand state films, ‘Dhollywood’ indicates to the Gujarati Language films, And more.

Indian film industry is one of the biggest film industries in the world cinema. More than 1500 movies released in India every year in various languages and various region (Punjab, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengal, Etc), in other words, less than 500 films made by Hollywood yearly.

As a result, Bollywood cinema took his place in the world cinema. Not only India, Hindi films collect unthinkable money overseas. Because of the popularity of Indian films and TV series the star and celebrities of this film industry are also too much popular worldwide. Fans want to know about them more and more. We wanna know which Bollywood celebrity birthday today, Bollywood celebs birthday, Bollywood celebrity age and more things. So in this article, I wanna show you the birthday calendar of them.

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All info’s are collected from the various news sites, TV shows, online magazines, and celebrities social profiles. We will add more celebrities on the list day after day. So if you like this article then share this article with your friends. If you think I mistaken or missed anything then please comment on below comment section.


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